Crypto Wallet Recovery Services

ReclaimYourCrypto – a company that will help you recover your lost password to a crypto wallet, as well as return the stolen funds.

About us

The ReclaimYourCrypto team has extensive experience in recovering a lost password to a crypto wallet since 2017. We will help you solve your technical problems with recovering information from your phone/computer, using our own technologies to restore a forgotten password to a crypto wallet/missing elements of a seed phrase, as well as legally return stolen cryptocurrencies if you become a victim fraud. ReclaimYourCrypto partners with leading cryptocurrency market players.

Our advantages

Experience in blockchain for over 4 years

We have extensive experience in solving problems of any level

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Good reputation

More than 200 satisfied clients

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Speed of solving issues

Most cases are completed in less than 7 working days (depending on the complexity of the project)

Recovery Services

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Recovering access to the wallet

We will help you recover a lost password from crypto wallets such as: MyEtherWallet (mew), MyCrypto (JSON file), wallet.dat,, Bitcoin and many others.

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Analysis of your computer or phone

If you have lost access to information on your computer or phone, we will analyze the problem in detail and try to recover the data using our own solutions.

Private key recovery

Private keys can be stored in different formats. With the help of our own tools and scripts, we have the ability to quickly and efficiently recover a private key in any format and large data set.

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Brute force algorithm for private keys

With the help of our tools, we can efficiently recover missing private key characters or missing words of a seed phrase (12 or 24 words)

Return of stolen funds

Our knowledge and experience allows us to implement projects to recover stolen funds through technologies.

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Invalid recipient address

One of the most popular problems is sending BCH to a BTC or Tether USD address to a wallet.

Cooperating with us you will receive:

Good quality support

You will receive full free consultation

Clarity of the entire project process

You will receive complete information about the entire project process from A to Z.

Safety of the deal

Cooperating with Us, you receive legal confirmation of the safety of the business

Our clients love us

Freaquently asked questions

Cryptocurrency is developing rapidly. More and more people are paying attention to a modern and independent way of financial transactions. Since the exchange of cryptocurrencies and payments are decentralized (without the participation of state systems and banks), and finances do not have a physical expression, a crypto wallet is required to fix them.

A crypto wallet is a special program that stores public and private keys, a code from a certain sequence of characters. The public key is actually the address of the wallet in the system, the private key is the password required to make payments and transactions using cryptocurrency.

An important issue: cryptocurrency by itself is not stored in crypto wallets. They store a secret key, which is used to access the blockchain. Therefore, it is important to save the password from the selected crypto wallet, as well as physical access to a file drive (for example, a computer hard drive). Next, we will tell you what to do if the password is forgotten or lost.

The first thing you need to know is the division of crypto wallets into hot (software) and cold (hardware).

While the former require access to the Internet, the latter operate offline. Hardware wallets are like a USB stick. They can have a built-in fingerprint scanner, Bluetooth communication, and additional protection in the form of a passphrase. The principle of operation is as follows: insert a hardware crypto wallet into a USB port and carry out cryptocurrency transactions. Devices of brands Keepkey, Ledger, and Trezor are considered reliable.

Cold wallet features:

  • inaccessibility to Web hackers and intruders
  • you can easily lose the physical key (it will be impossible to restore it)
  • unprotected against pickpocketing


Software crypto wallets are software at its core: a computer program or application. It can be installed on any device (smartphone, laptop, tablet); at once on several with a possibility of synchronization. Among the leaders and trusted programs are Electrum, Blockchain, Jaxx, Bitcoin Wallet.

Hot wallet pros:

  • easy use (few clicks)
  • great for relatively small amounts
  • fast payments, balance check

You can restore access only to software crypto wallets. In order to prevent unpleasant situations, carefully monitor the device on which the wallet is installed and periodically make backups with synchronization in the cloud service, and be sure to remember the Seed phase.

If you are unable to access your crypto wallet:

  • Calm down and don’t panic
  • Try to remember your password and Seed phrase
  • If it doesn’t come out, ask us for professional help

There are several main ways. One of them is the social recovery function, when a third-party person is attached to the account as a conditional guardian. In case of loss of the password or death of the owner of the bitcoin wallet, access is restored through such a guardian.

Recovery will help to occur using the private key and the desktop application console. The program is re-installed on the same device, and the data in certain files is reset.

In some cases, recovering a forgotten password using a manual or automated method, or restoring it from a crypto wallet backup (if you copied the wallet.dat file in a special way in a timely manner) can help. 

The main method is to use a secret and encrypted Seed phrase. A Seed key is a sequence of at least 12 words in English. In fact, this is a meaningless collection of random words. At the same time, this is the fastest way to restore access to your crypto wallet.

Reclaim Your Crypto will help you recover your crypto wallet for a fee. The price of the crypto wallet recovery service is individually discussed. The type of a crypto wallet, the type of cryptocurrency, and various features and circumstances determine the price. We work with MyEtherWallet (mew), MyCrypto (JSON file), wallet.dat,, Bitcoin, and many other wallets. We will help both with lost access and with the return of stolen funds. Contact us and find out how much it will cost to recover your crypto wallet password and what you need to do.