Etherium and MyCrypto JSON file recovery

ReclaimYourCrypto is a company that will help you recover your lost Etherium or MyCrypto JSON file, as well as recover stolen funds.

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The ReclaimYourCrypto team has extensive experience in recovering a lost password to a crypto wallet since 2017. We will help you solve your technical problems with recovering information from your phone/computer, using our own technologies to restore a forgotten password to a crypto wallet/missing elements of a seed phrase, as well as legally return stolen cryptocurrencies if you become a victim fraud. ReclaimYourCrypto partners with leading cryptocurrency market players.

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Experience in blockchain for over 4 years

We have extensive experience in solving problems of any level

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More than 200 satisfied clients

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Most cases are completed in less than 7 working days (depending on the complexity of the project)


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Recovering access to the wallet

We will help you recover a lost password from crypto wallets such as: MyEtherWallet (mew), MyCrypto (JSON file), wallet.dat,, Bitcoin and many others.

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Analysis of your computer or phone

If you have lost access to information on your computer or phone, we will analyze the problem in detail and try to recover the data using our own solutions.

Private key recovery

Private keys can be stored in different formats. With the help of our own tools and scripts, we have the ability to quickly and efficiently recover a private key in any format and large data set.

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Brute force algorithm for private keys

With the help of our tools, we can efficiently recover missing private key characters or missing words of a seed phrase (12 or 24 words)

Return of stolen funds

Our knowledge and experience allows us to implement projects to recover stolen funds through technologies.

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Invalid recipient address

One of the most popular problems is sending BCH to a BTC or Tether USD address to a wallet.

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Good quality support

You will receive full free consultation

Clarity of the entire project process

You will receive complete information about the entire project process from A to Z.

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Etherium JSON file recovery
Many cryptocurrency holders consider holding digital decentralized money in several ways. Etherium is considered one of the most popular. Actually, this is the second world cryptocurrency in terms of exchange rate, reliability, and technology. The safety of funds is associated with access to cryptocurrency through the wallet. The lost access does not mean an instant loss of funds. Questions about currency, worthwhile wallets and access recovery options are discussed below in more detail – in particular, a JSON file.

Etherium JSON file recovery. Vitaly Buterin developed the Etherium cryptocurrency. Etherium was initially used as a secure cryptographic platform. Subsequently, its functions were expanded for smart contracts and a financial transaction tool linked to a convenient payment system. Unlike Bitcoin, where digital money is independent of the state, Ethereum is based on a whole independent economic system, of which money is only a part.

The main significant growth occurred in 2020, when the cost rose by 472%. Etherium is distinguished by a high level of reliability, as well as a relatively low commission (compared to other altcoins). Moreover, it is a popular platform for the development and creation of online Blockchain-based services.

The MEW crypto wallet holds its leading position largely due to the appearance shortly after the Ethereum itself. Its popularity is based on the following:

  • free distribution
  • intuitive interface
  • simple settings
  • high security

The Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet, like its counterparts, is a client tool for accessing cryptocurrency (Blockchain).

Open source, free distribution, and functionality make the MyCrypto one of the popular options for blockchain accessing cryptocurrencies. The customer service developer is Taylor Monahan. In total, more than 1000 tokens are supported, but the main one, of course, is Ethereum. Restoring access to the Ethereum MyCrypto wallet and its procedure depend on whether there is a private key, as well as access to the JSON file. In some cases, it can be restored, thereby returning your crypto money. As a rule, one cannot do without a mnemonic phrase.

JSON file may be required for various reasons. It can be lost also due to various reasons and circumstances. If you still have a private key, then restoring the Ethereum JSON file is possible. Here are some tips to make the method effective and possible:

  • keep the private key (the Mnemonic phrase) in a secure place; it is recommended to use a physical medium, for example, in a notepad on paper (but do not forget to keep the notepad away from strangers)
  • do not follow dubious links, do not install unverified programs and applications, and be sure to use an antivirus with up-to-date databases
  • try to use complex passwords for crypto wallets

To recover the Etherium and MyCrypto JSON file, please contact Reclaim Your Crypto. Individual approach and effective problem solving is guaranteed!