Recovery of Mnemonic or Seed phrases,
missing words from these phrases

ReclaimYourCrypto is a company that will help you recover a forgotten Mnemonic or Seed phrase, some missing words from a mnemonic or seed phrase, and recover stolen funds.

About us

The ReclaimYourCrypto team has extensive experience in recovering a lost password to a crypto wallet since 2017. We will help you solve your technical problems with recovering information from your phone/computer, using our own technologies to restore a forgotten password to a crypto wallet/missing elements of a seed phrase, as well as legally return stolen cryptocurrencies if you become a victim fraud. ReclaimYourCrypto partners with leading cryptocurrency market players.

Our advantages

Experience in blockchain for over 4 years

We have extensive experience in solving problems of any level

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Good reputation

More than 200 satisfied clients

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Speed of solving issues

Most cases are completed in less than 7 working days (depending on the complexity of the project)


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Recovering access to the wallet

We will help you recover a lost password from crypto wallets such as: MyEtherWallet (mew), MyCrypto (JSON file), wallet.dat,, Bitcoin and many others.

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Analysis of your computer or phone

If you have lost access to information on your computer or phone, we will analyze the problem in detail and try to recover the data using our own solutions.

Private key recovery

Private keys can be stored in different formats. With the help of our own tools and scripts, we have the ability to quickly and efficiently recover a private key in any format and large data set.

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Brute force algorithm for private keys

With the help of our tools, we can efficiently recover missing private key characters or missing words of a seed phrase (12 or 24 words)

Return of stolen funds

Our knowledge and experience allows us to implement projects to recover stolen funds through technologies.

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Invalid recipient address

One of the most popular problems is sending BCH to a BTC or Tether USD address to a wallet.

Cooperating with us you will receive:

Good quality support

You will receive full free consultation

Clarity of the entire project process

You will receive complete information about the entire project process from A to Z.

Safety of the deal

Cooperating with Us, you receive legal confirmation of the safety of the business

Our clients love us

Restore Mnemonic and Seed phrase

The issue of the safety of funds and the security of the crypto wallet is the most important. The key point that allows you to recover the password (and, accordingly, access) is the Seed phrase. If it is lost or forgotten, there is a risk of losing all savings in the crypt.

We can help you figure out if it is possible to recover a forgotten mnemonic Seed phrase. How can I do this and where can I get help. We will tell you what it is and why it is important to pay attention to the safety of this data.

Restore missing words from Seed phrase

At their core, Mnemonic phrases are synonymous with Seed words. In the English variation, the selection is called the “Mnemonic phrase”. It is an unrelated set of 12-24 words that are correlated with a specific crypto wallet (its public address). Such a significant variation allows individualization with only one element. As a rule, the words from the Mnemonic phrase are used to restore access to a specific wallet and are not used for other purposes. It is recommended to store them in a safe place and manner.

In some cases (depending on the wallet), the list of such words can be combined with additional phrases, as well as third-party cryptography and protection methods. For example, it can be another additional word at the end of the chain. A number of wallets offer this feature, while others do not.

In terms of its significance, a mnemonic phrase (or rather a set of words) is equivalent to a private (closed) key.

It is better not to forget this set of Seed words. Here are some safety tips.

  • use offline wallets
  • use alternative methods (non-digital, paper)
  • duplicate the Mnemonic phrase in several places and in several ways
  • pay attention to the sequence (otherwise the phrase will not “work”)
  • use cloud services and reliable hardware password managers
  • manually on a computer connected to the Internet, it is better not to enter a mnemonic phrase
  • (interceptor programs are common)

If you forgot or lost the Mnemonic phrase, in some cases it can be restored. The way you will be prompted by the professionals of our company as part of an individual consultation.

Some call it “Seed” for short. Others are more familiar with the name “Mnemonic”. There is no difference. All this is the so-called restorative phrase. Namely, the sequence of words. Mostly from 12 to 24. Some people think that the sequence is random, but it is not. The order is determined by calculation based on the BIP39 dictionary, i.e. the International standard used in different countries.

It is created when registering a wallet linked to a cryptocurrency, to be more precise, in relation to each of the assets. Software developers do not know it; it is available only to the owner of the wallet.

The Seed phrase is considered a form of storing keys and information about cryptocurrency in a specific format. For this reason, the user is not linked to a specific crypto wallet, that is, a specific program. The recovery Seed phrase can be used to set up a wallet and your account (asset) in another software (application). That is, it can be both the old wallet and the new one.

Reclaim Your Crypto provides comprehensive assistance in recovering forgotten or lost phrases necessary to access crypto wallets. Recovery is carried out for a fee. The price of the service is negotiated on an individual basis.