Restoring access to MyEtherWallet (MEW)
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ReclaimYourCrypto is a company that will help you restore access to your MyEtherWallet (MEW) crypto wallet, as well as recover stolen funds.

About us

The ReclaimYourCrypto team has extensive experience in recovering a lost password to a crypto wallet since 2017. We will help you solve your technical problems with recovering information from your phone/computer, using our own technologies to restore a forgotten password to a crypto wallet/missing elements of a seed phrase, as well as legally return stolen cryptocurrencies if you become a victim fraud. ReclaimYourCrypto partners with leading cryptocurrency market players.

Our advantages

Experience in blockchain for over 4 years

We have extensive experience in solving problems of any level

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Good reputation

More than 200 satisfied clients

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Speed of solving issues

Most cases are completed in less than 7 working days (depending on the complexity of the project)


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Recovering access to the wallet

We will help you recover a lost password from crypto wallets such as: MyEtherWallet (mew), MyCrypto (JSON file), wallet.dat,, Bitcoin and many others.

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Analysis of your computer or phone

If you have lost access to information on your computer or phone, we will analyze the problem in detail and try to recover the data using our own solutions.

Private key recovery

Private keys can be stored in different formats. With the help of our own tools and scripts, we have the ability to quickly and efficiently recover a private key in any format and large data set.

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Brute force algorithm for private keys

With the help of our tools, we can efficiently recover missing private key characters or missing words of a seed phrase (12 or 24 words)

Return of stolen funds

Our knowledge and experience allows us to implement projects to recover stolen funds through technologies.

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Invalid recipient address

One of the most popular problems is sending BCH to a BTC or Tether USD address to a wallet.

Cooperating with us you will receive:

Good quality support

You will receive full free consultation

Clarity of the entire project process

You will receive complete information about the entire project process from A to Z.

Safety of the deal

Cooperating with Us, you receive legal confirmation of the safety of the business

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MyEtherWallet (MEW) - Ethereum Wallet
MyEtherWallet (MEW) is one of the popular wallets (clients) through which access to the ETH cryptocurrency (Ethereum), as well as tokens operating on the basis of this blockchain (encryption technology) is provided. Restoring access may be required, as in the case of any other program with password entry. We tell you what kind of wallet it is, what to do if access is lost, and how to return it.
Restoring access to MyEtherWallet crypto wallet

Any transactions take place within continuous cryptographic chains denoting information about the virtual currency. The information about all transactions, as well as brief information about the owner of the crypto wallet is stored inside the wallet. If the password is lost, the user can no longer access the funds. After such situations, users hysterically begin to enter queries in search engines like: how to enter my MyEtherWallet wallet.

Among the supported tokens are Ethereum , within which the popular ETH tokens operate. Inside the application or program, using the menu item Network/Nodes, you can find out all the information about the supported ranges of nodes, as well as other coins.

Ethereum or other tokens are not actually stored in the wallet. With the help of the client service, which is essentially a software shell, access to virtual money is provided. The service and wallets are categorized as non-custodial. They are created when the software package is installed on a computer. Alternatively, a wallet can be created on the official website. There are analogues in the form of browser extensions and a mobile application. Which option to choose depends on the preferences and technical prowess of the user (including in terms of security – to avoid clicking on phishing links as much as possible).

Particular attention should be paid to the generated private key and public address. Twelve sequentially written words must be stored in a hard-to-reach place. Thanks to the key, later, if necessary, it will be possible to restore the MyEtherWallet wallet. Here are some recommendations:

  • store only in physical form (for example, written down on paper)
  • make periodic backups
  • do not follow suspicious links
  • use blockers for phishing sites and services (especially in the field of cryptocurrencies)
  • avoid random conversations that pose as MEW support
  • think twice and analyse everything before taking meaningful action

In MyEtherWallet, unlike many analogues, the user is offered to add an additional word (12+1 or 24+1) to the private key. Please note that this is not a password, as some owners of crypto wallets believe. At the same time, this is a mandatory condition for restoring MEW access, if such an additional mnemonic word was created in due time.

For various reasons and due to certain technical capabilities, attackers can get hold of information about the private key. The extra word in the phrase is considered a higher level of security in order to prevent unauthorized access to the Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet.

Reclaim Your Crypto specialists have experience in successfully returning access to the owner of a crypto wallet and returning their funds. We use the private key technique, as well as other options. Find out about the relevant opportunity by contacting us directly using the convenient contact method.