Access restore to non-custodial crypto wallets

ReclaimYourCrypto — a company that will help you recover your lost access to non-custodial crypto wallets, as well as return the stolen funds.

About us

The ReclaimYourCrypto team has extensive experience in recovering a lost password to a crypto wallet since 2017. We will help you solve your technical problems with recovering information from your phone/computer, using our own technologies to restore a forgotten password to a crypto wallet/missing elements of a seed phrase, as well as legally return stolen cryptocurrencies if you become a victim fraud. ReclaimYourCrypto partners with leading cryptocurrency market players.

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Experience in blockchain for over 4 years

We have extensive experience in solving problems of any level

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Good reputation

More than 200 satisfied clients

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Speed of solving issues

Most cases are completed in less than 7 working days (depending on the complexity of the project)


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Recovering access to the wallet

We will help you recover a lost password from crypto wallets such as: MyEtherWallet (mew), MyCrypto (JSON file), wallet.dat,, Bitcoin and many others.

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Analysis of your computer or phone

If you have lost access to information on your computer or phone, we will analyze the problem in detail and try to recover the data using our own solutions.

Private key recovery

Private keys can be stored in different formats. With the help of our own tools and scripts, we have the ability to quickly and efficiently recover a private key in any format and large data set.

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Brute force algorithm for private keys

With the help of our tools, we can efficiently recover missing private key characters or missing words of a seed phrase (12 or 24 words)

Return of stolen funds

Our knowledge and experience allows us to implement projects to recover stolen funds through technologies.

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Invalid recipient address

One of the most popular problems is sending BCH to a BTC or Tether USD address to a wallet.

Cooperating with us you will receive:

Good quality support

You will receive full free consultation

Clarity of the entire project process

You will receive complete information about the entire project process from A to Z.

Safety of the deal

Cooperating with Us, you receive legal confirmation of the safety of the business

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Restore the access to non-custodial crypto wallets

Storage and usage of crypto funds is a popular option for a modern person. One of the key issues is the reliable safeguard of assets in order to prevent unauthorized access by third parties. For this reason, users have non-custodial storages. We are talking about the nuances and ways to restore access to such crypto wallets.

Bitcoin wallet.dat password recovery

A tool that allows you to engage with cryptocurrencies within the framework of blockchain technology. It helps you to carry out financial transactions, to store data on the amount of a particular crypto currency. The main feature of non-custodial wallets is the full control of funds by the holder. Thus, information about the private key and seed phrase remains in the possession and control of the user.

The reason of such popularity of non-custodial crypto wallet is the full control of it. The ability to restore access depends on the mandatory and necessary information kept by the holder. Service (application) developers cannot “freeze” funds. In their turn, they do not bear any responsibility for the safety of the cryptocurency (password and seed phrase) in such wallet, since only user owns this information and private keys.

There are a lot of real differences. Here are the main of them:

  • full control of funds by the holder
  • non-custodial application with limited functions
  • application owners are not responsible for cryptocurrency safeguard (password and seed phrase)
  • it’s not required to have identity verification under KYC

If non-custodian services have no responsibility, the question arises how to count on the recovery of such wallets. In this case, it is important to choose responsibly the application:

  1. to choose only well-known services
  2. it is preferable to have them with a source code publication open access (support from IT-community)
  3. carefully study reviews and technical support

Hardware versions are externals (storage media) where the data of a particular crypto wallet is physically stored. This allows you to protect confidential information from the third parties due to the impossibility of remote hacking (without access to the storage). In their turn, software non-custodial wallets are special applications or web versions of services. They store information about the wallet.

What crypto wallet to use: custodial vs non-custodial. It depends on specific goals and objectives. Both have their pros and cons. Therefore, it`s recommended to diversify (separate funds) in order to reduce risk of theft of funds and information about the cryptocurrency and avoid service to restore access in the future, for example, to a non-custodial wallet. We recommend to store frequently used assets on the custodial wallet (for shopping, payments, transfers), but store the main stocks of cryptocurrency on the non-custodial wallet.

These applications (installed on a device or its web versions) have complete isolation. That means, there is no connection with a stationary computer that can be hacked. Recommended options include: Ledger, Trezor, KeepKey, Coldcard, AirGap, BitBox. Most of them have useful features like multi-signature. They are compatible with Windows and other operating systems

The list of recommended (software) services is the following: Wasabi, Coinomi,, MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, Metamask. To restore access, you will have to apply to specialists. There are only well-known and established company, which work for many years on the cryptocurrency market in the list. The detailed information on the outlined wallets you can find on the Internet

If you have problems with authorization and access to your crypto funds, ReclaimYourCrypto specialists are ready to help. Options of restore and financial rewards are discussed on a case-by-case basis.